Coping with Cognitive Challenges at Work

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Coping with Cognitive Challenges at Work

Coping with Cognitive Challenges at Work

posted on FEBRUARY 5, 2018

Last May, I wrote an article featured by UConn Health on the subject of coping with cognitive challenges at work.

It is an undeniable reality that Americans are now compelled to work later into their lives. As a result, our country’s workforce has increased in age. This phenomenon is the result of a number of factors, including increased longevity, tougher economic times, and modifications to retirement options. Unfortunately, the aging process is often accompanied by cognitive decline and the anxiety of adapting to a changing workplace.

Even in younger people, illness, injury, effects of medications or surgery, effects of medication or surgery, and/or genetic predisposition can adversely affect productivity, and job sustainability. The EAP offers an invaluable service to both employees and employers in screening, treating, and devising an effective treatment plan with appropriate accommodations to reintegrate the employee into the workplace.

The ability of the EAP to recognize the possibility of age-related cognitive changes as a factor affecting employee performance can substantially help in understanding what is needed for job retention and employee satisfaction for older employees.

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